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Photograph: Alexis Rhone Fancher

Donna Spruijt-Metz, Selected Poems

Intaglio, ---as if YOU had them-- Another Chicago Magazine

Sarah's Antique Sake Cup, Bracken, 1/29/23

Peel Away to Dust, Jewish Writing Project 12-26-22

Day 0: Shekhinah

Day 1: Buck Moon,

List Psalm for Day 2: A Ledge Just Wide Enough for Grief

List Psalm for the Days That Follow, One Art, Sept 9 2022

Ghost Triolet (Editor's Choice) Solstice Literary Magazine

The Green Before Her, Whale Road Review

American Psalm, Poetica 

Sight Reading, Literary Mama Poetry

I Find This in My Mother's Effects, TAB

Sarah Returns to Me as Kirkland Culinary Parchment Paper, Sarah Returns to Me as a 100% Organic Cotton Round

Sarah Returns to Us as a Dwindling Supply of Active Dry Yeast

Sarah Returns to Us as an Eviscerated Dog Plushie, One Art, 

God in Amsterdam, And Left it in the Sky, Psaltery & Lyre

Doppler Effect, Spillway, Issue 28, 11/20

Soundtrack, Crab Creek Review, Volume 2, 2020

(which is everywhere), Water Will, Self-Portrait Inside the Magnet with gods and Angels, Chairs, and Praying to Saint Rita, Madness Muse Press

Messengers of Chaos, The Inflectionist Review

First We Become Flesh, The Inflectionist Review

I Need the Long March, RHINO Issue 2020

Pebbles Along the Labyrinth, The Cortland Review

White Lace, Naugatuck River Review

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