Donna Sunlight by Door 2 Cropped Color.j

Donna Spruijt-Metz, Selected Poems

God in Amsterdam, And Left it in the Sky, Psaltery & Lyre, forthcoming

Women at Shiva, Tahoma Literary Review, forthcoming

Doppler Effect, Spillway, Issue 28, 11/20

Soundtrack, Crab Creek Review, Volume 2, 2020

(which is everywhere), Water Will, Self-Portrait Inside the Magnet with gods and Angels, Chairs, and Praying to Saint Rita, Madness Muse Press

Messengers of Chaos, The Inflectionist Review

First We Become Flesh, The Inflectionist Review

I Need the Long March, RHINO Issue 2020

Soundtrack, Crab Creek Review (forthcoming)

White Lace, Naugatuck River Review

Selected Reviews

Legacy, EcoTheo Review, forthcoming