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Photograph: Alexis Rhone Fancher

Donna Spruijt-Metz, Selected Poems

Fragment for Day 20 of the Israel-Hamas War, On Day 34 of the Israel-Hamas War I Ask YOU to Teach Us Again, and Psalm for Day 42 Gashmius Magazine, 1/21/24

 On Day 4 of the Israel-Hamas War, and  On Day 17 of the Israel-Hamas War—She Asks Me, Minyan Magazine,1/30/24

Sarah Returns to Me in the Form of Questions I Never Got to Ask My Father about Abandonment, Sarah Returns to Me as a Hairdresser’s Fine Mist Spray Bottle Repurposed for Disinfecting Surfaces with Everclear, Sarah Returns to Me in the Form of a Ghazal, Deluge, and Aperture. Peste, 3/1/24

Animal, Verse Daily 7/8/23

Sarah Returns to Me as a Fleeting Image of Her Left Wrist Accessorized with Rubber Bands, Nimrod International Journal, Volume 66, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2023

Intaglio, ---as if YOU had them-- Another Chicago Magazine

Sarah's Antique Sake Cup, Bracken, 1/29/23

Peel Away to Dust, Jewish Writing Project 12-26-22

Day 0: Shekhinah

Day 1: Buck Moon,

List Psalm for Day 2: A Ledge Just Wide Enough for Grief

List Psalm for the Days That Follow, One Art, Sept 9 2022

Ghost Triolet (Editor's Choice) Solstice Literary Magazine

The Green Before Her, Whale Road Review

Sight Reading, Literary Mama Poetry

American Psalm, Poetica 

Sarah Returns to Me as Kirkland Culinary Parchment Paper, Sarah Returns to Me as a 100% Organic Cotton Round

Sarah Returns to Us as a Dwindling Supply of Active Dry Yeast

Sarah Returns to Us as an Eviscerated Dog Plushie, One Art, 

I Find This in My Mother's Effects, TAB

God in Amsterdam, And Left it in the Sky, Psaltery & Lyre

Doppler Effect, Spillway, Issue 28, 11/20

Soundtrack, Crab Creek Review, Volume 2, 2020

(which is everywhere), Water Will, Self-Portrait Inside the Magnet with gods and Angels, Chairs, and Praying to Saint Rita, Madness Muse Press

Messengers of Chaos, The Inflectionist Review

First We Become Flesh, The Inflectionist Review

I Need the Long March, RHINO Issue 2020

Pebbles Along the Labyrinth, The Cortland Review

White Lace, Naugatuck River Review

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